How to Permanently Disable Windows Defender in Windows

Windows 10 Creators Update comes with a new feature which allows you to take a screenshot of a selected part of the screen. Perfect for the avid annotator and photo editor, Snagit offers an easy-to-use interface and a number of added features that make screenshotting a breeze. Snipping tool also features a pen and highlighter option that allows you to draw on your screenshot to make annotations and point-outs clear and easy. Window snip takes a screenshot of your active window with one easy click. Within the snipping tool application, press “New” or CTRL + N to create a new snip. Screengrabs, screencaps, screenshots – whatever you want to call them, this unique operation allows you to capture an image of your computer desktop.

I found one way to access the shared folder without giving the username and password. Is there any way that i can access the shared folder without giving any username and password. In the Folder box, enter the address of the folder to which you want to map the drive. FIGURE 3.16 In the Map Network Drive dialog box, specify the drive, choose the folder, and choose options for reconnection and credentials. I recently completed a fresh Windows 11 reinstall on my desktop computer and wasn’t able to access my Unraid server from Windows Explorer.

Option 3: Use your Microsoft account

In order to map a network drive, users must be granted permission by their department or supervisor to access the material. If a user is in need of permissions, supervisors or departments can submit a Departmental Data Storage request form. At the top of the window, in the ribbon control strip, click the “Map network drive” button in the “Network” section. The popup window which appears allows you to configure your drive connection.

  • Click “Save Snip” click here to save your image to a location of your choosing.
  • Windows Defender Antivirus will be your default antivirus if you don’t already have one.
  • Look for the one labeled Windows, whether it’s XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10.

If you are running it for the first time on Windows 10, chances are that it will be turned off for all the drives. Here turn on the protection and dedicate some drive space for the system restore. Press Windows + R key on your computer keyboard to open the Run Windows and type Gpedit.msc in it and press enter as shown below.

How to Screenshot on Windows: 3 Free Powerful Methods

This will give the users their own personal folder to save files. Enter to Server IP address you would like to access to. Fill in the User name and Password with the same as other computer’s local username and password. Choose Change advanced sharing settings from the left side of the panel. Scroll down Private section to change sharing options. Make sure you’re accessing the true path to the share.

However, to access the better aspects like sharing it online, robust image editing, and more, you can purchase it by subscribing for monthly or yearly charges as well. Enjoy taking scrolling screenshots on Windows 11 with Apowersoft. If you’re using a device, such as tablet or a phone, without a keyboard, it’s still possible to take screenshots.

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